About Dagmar

A Bit of History About Me

When I started education for my career, I wanted to become a lawyer. So I graduated in German law. However, due to my only brother's early death, my life took another turn.

He died in the course of a car accident after month in a coma, and I was shocked not only by the fact that he was only 26, but also by the way he had been treated in the hospital. For this reason I began to ask questions I had not asked before: are there alternatives to conventional medical treatment? Are there more natural approaches to health care? and what are the reasons why things happen as they do, and why do people act the way they do? This is why I decided to enrol for professional training in CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) and become a complementary therapist.

I have been a consultant in complementary medicine since 1991, running an office for naturopathic treatment and counselling near Stuttgart, Germany. I also lived and worked in Berlin for over two years, teaching at a school for aspiring complementary therapists and running a Berlin office.

Besides complementary treatment and personal coaching, I offer lectures and seminars on alternative treatment and personal development because it is my passion to help people to free themselves from false concepts, be it in the field of health care or personal growth.

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How I Detect Your Health Problems (Diagnostics)

  • Clinical  Chemistry (Blood Testing, Testing of Body Liquids, etc. by
    Doctors? Labs)

    Initial blood testing and/ or testing of urine, etc. is essential to evaluate your health status, to screen for diseases, to plan your treatment, and to monitor your response to a treatment.

  • IgG4-Blood-Testing
    This test to uncover food intolerances is recommendable if you have problems of the respiratory tract, the skin, the stomach and intestines, the joints, and cardiovascular disturbances like arrhythmia. As reactions to basic foods are chronic, it is more likely to find elevated IGg4 antibodies, rather than commonly checked IgE-antibodies, which only show acute allergic reactions.
  • Complementary Testing (Allergies, Environmental Affections, etc.)
    Instead of checking your blood, several non-invasive, accurate testing methods have been developed in the field of complementary medicine to uncover allergies, food intolerances, reactions to food additives, imbalances of vitamins and minerals, infections, vaccination damage, exposure to toxic environmental substances, and more. The most common are muscle testing (applied kinesiology), and methods like Vegatest that use electromagnetic instruments and a variety of testing kits with ampoules of foods, chemicals, parasites, etc. to screen for the nutritive, environmental, and other causes that disturb your body and mental functions, and to find the remedies and supplements you need to take to restore your balance.

  • Homoeopathic Anamnesis
    At the first consultation, I will ask you detailed questions that aim not only to find the cause of your current health problem, but also to understand your whole personality and constitution, as well as the events, life circumstances, emotions, former diseases, etc. which may have caused your problems, in order to choose the appropriate homoeopathic remedy for you. As homeopathy does not treat your symptoms, but you as an individual, these questions are essential to find the remedies that suit you best.

How I Treat Your Health Problems (Therapies)

These are your health problems

- Metabolic syndrome (elevated blood levels of fats, glucose, uric acid, etc.)

- Allergies and intolerances (pollen, mites, pets, bees, food, food additives, latex)

- Eczema, nettle rash, asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis, recurrent infections

- Digestive disorders and inflammation of organs of the digestive system

- Immune deficiency and auto-immune disease

- Joint disease, pain of joints, back and muscles

- Varicose veins

- You wish support of conventional cancer treatment

These are my therapies

  • Homoeopathy and Phytotherapy
    For most diseases, organic malfunctions, and mental and psychological imbalances, there are homoeopathic remedies and plants that can at least support conventional treatment. In many cases, these alternative remedies show better results than chemical medication as they have balancing effects on you as a whole individual, whereas chemical drugs influence only specific functions.

  • Supplements
    Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and enzymes are essential for building your cells and hormones, for your metabolism, and for  the homoeostasis of you physical and mental state. Due to a wrong diet (lack of fresh food, high amount of industrially processed food), medication, or increases need, often there is a deficiency of these substances, which leads to symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, pain, lack of stress-tolerance, and many more.

  • Nutrition
    Correct nutrition is an essential part of your well-being. If you eat food on a daily basis that you do not tolerate well, this is going to have negative effects on your health. However, contrary to common opinion, there is no diet recommendable for everybody. What is healthy for you depends on your condition, and many foods proclaimed as healthy are not good for you. So my nutritional advice for you is based on your individual needs.

  • Bioresonance Therapy
    This is a non-invasive therapy based on changing disturbed bioelectronic frequency patterns into therapeutic patterns, which has shown to be very effective in treatment of allergies, food intolerances, post-vaccine complications, post-infective complications, and intoxications.  Especially in treatment of allergies and food intolerances it is unparalleled: when administered correctly, after therapy over 90% of all cases are allergen-tolerant or improved, and even infants can be treated.  Neurodermatitis, eczema, intestinal disorders, bronchitis, asthma, rhinitis, hay fever, and recurrent infections are the main indications.

  • Neural Therapy
    This is a therapy to relieve chronic pain and to help your body to overcome energetic blocks that hinder your body?s self-regulating powers. Such blocks may be due to injuries (scar tissue) or chronic inflammations. By injections into specific trigger points of your body, energetic imbalances and disturbances of the electrochemical flow of information between your cells is being restored, which relieves pain and may help your body to overcome chronic affections.
  • High-Dose Vitamin C-Therapy
    Given intravenously, vitamin C doses 25 times higher than taken orally can be achieved. This increases the benefits: vitamin c is an antioxidant and plays an important role for tissue growth and repair (healing of wounds); it can detoxify intoxications with chemicals like environmental substances or medical drugs; it detoxifies heavy metals; it boosts the immune system; it lowers histamine in the blood (anti-allergic) and fats (triglycerides, cholesterol); it improves stress-tolerance and depression; it stabilizes the blood vessels (if you get easily bruises or your gums bleed); it can lower blood-pressure by widening the arteries; and it reduces inflammation of the joints. Although the discussion is controversial, there is much evidence that intravenous high-dose vitamin c application can kill cancer cells and improve 5-year-survival rate, whereas it definitely improves toleration of chemotherapy by the above mechanisms.

  • Systemic Constellation Work of Bert Hellinger
    This is a powerful means to uncover and heal behavioural patterns in families that may lead to severe health states such as cancer or chronic disease, or to problems in coping with your daily life. In a family, these patterns can be repeated over generations. Without knowing, the members of a family act according to the rules of the larger whole, their family, even if this means to guide an unhappy, unsuccessful, and dysfunctional live. Same diseases, same traumas, and same life circumstances are being transferred to members of the next generation, which may be the reason why no therapy you ever tried did work for you. Systemic constellation sessions can help you to understand and heal the subconscious causes for your poor state of health or for problems in your life.

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