It's Time for A Change

It's Time For A Change

Welcome. This site is dedicated to help you to find new ways to recreate yourself and your life, and to help your body, mind, and spirit to find back to balance.

Complementary Therapies For Your Health

If you wish your health problem to be treated with naturopathic therapies, or you would like to know whether alternative treatment is possible at all, please contact me. I am a licensed complementary therapist, approved by German authorities since 1991 ('Heilpraktikerin').

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To heal means to take on responsibility for yourself and for the things that happen in your life. True healing means to tune your state of mind from being the victim of all sorts of things to being the creator of your life and circumstances; to be aware of what benefits you and what is no good for you, be it in the field of nutrition, medication, or personal choices; to learn about the obstacles within your own being; and to learn how to overcome those obstacles by learning how to change your reactions and actions. Healing means that it is time for you to be who you are.

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Coaching & Seminars On Self Awareness And Personal Growth

In personal coaching sessions or in my seminars, I can help you to achieve more clarity about yourself and to find ways how to recreate your life: to be who you really are, to do what you truly want, and to realize what is your life?s purpose. To become healthy and balanced and to lead the life that is yours, it is essential to know yourself better. You get to know yourself by questioning the mechanisms that lead to your emotions, wishes, and choices. In doing so, you learn to uncover and overcome the internal dramas that are the true obstacles on your way to health and happiness. This gives you the opportunity to change things and to create the life you want to live.

Welcome to the journey.

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