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Why You Should Start The Journey Back To Balance:

Release traumas of the past
Traumatic experiences of the past such as abuse or violence may be the reason for lasting problems in your life, as well as the loss of a parent, sibling, or twin when you were a child. If there was an abortion of a brother or sister, or if they were stillborn, this may be a trauma that has to be solved, too. And there are many other traumatic situations in families that might have an lasting impact on your happiness and well-being.

Release feelings of guilt
You might feel guilty about something you did or did not do. You probably think it is your fault that someone else?s life is a mess. You feel uneasy about the things you want because you feel you should not want them. You refuse to your sexual needs as they seem improper to you, and you punish your body with overeating, smoking too much, drug abuse, or extreme diet or exercise - or you indulge in these needs but feel bad about it.

Release fear of failure
Your attitude that you cannot do something unless you do it well or perfectly may immobilize you. Your concern about what others will think of you if you fail, about your personal and social standing, may limit your view and lead to procrastination, inaction, or not taking risks. You give less than your best, you don?t participate, you come up with excuses, or you tend to over-analyze ('What if?'), in order to avoid failure.
On the other hand, your fear of failure can push you to success while you never feel save with your achievements. This causes a lot of mental stress and deprives you from the ability to feel good with what you have already accomplished,which will eventually lead to complete burn-out.

Release confusion
Not knowing what to do can paralyze you. You cannot decide what is right for you and you don?t know in which direction you should go because there are too many conflicting thoughts and opposing feelings within you. Thus your fear to make mistakes immobilizes you. Sometimes you seem to know exactly what you want, just to be insecure again within the next moment. There is a battle within you that clouds your clarity. It might be a battle between your feelings and your reason, or between opposing feelings and opposing ideas. There are too many options, and you need to find out which option is right for you.

Release limiting beliefs
Your beliefs of what is possible, what you deserve, or who you are, influence the course of your life. They can either support or hinder you on your way. If you feel a lack of success, health, or happiness, you have to get aware of the beliefs that constitute your actions and reactions. Then you will have to change what restricts you.

Release feeling like a victim
Your life is not the way you want it to be and injustice seems to surround you. Your relations are a mess. You are stuck in an unbearable situation but you feel  it is not your fault. You blame it on others, on the circumstances, or on something that happed in your past. You feel there is nothing you can do. Others should take the steps that will improve your situation; the fault is on their shoulders. You make reproaches and have expectations while you don?t want to take the efforts for a change. In doing so, you refuse to be responsible for your life by pretending to be powerless, which makes you stay were you are, rather complaining than doing something about it.

Release family patterns
In families behavioural patterns repeat over generations. Without knowing, the members of a family act according to the rules of the larger whole, their family, even if this means to guide an unhappy, unsuccessful, and dysfunctional live. This is why you might suffer from the same disease, same trauma, and same life circumstances like someone in your family.

Or you might be the one who atones subconsciously for something that happened in the family history, such as a civil crime or war crimes. If so, this hinders you from being the one you really are and guiding your own life: you suffer from bad health, bad relations, or bad life circumstances until you release your inner connection to what happened in the past.

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