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'He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.'

--Lao Tzu

'Know thyself' was carved at the entrance to the oracle at the sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi, the most famous oracle of the ancient world, for those seeking advice of the Phytia, the oracle chosen from the priestesses of Apollo, who would answer in enigmatic ways to their questions. Then and now the answer to your life's problems lies within yourself, and the healing process leads you inside.

Most people are raised to feel powerless and to lay their fate into the hands of others. You might expect to be healed or saved by someone else, too. You expect doctors or high-tech medicine to heal you; you rely on miracle-workers and magic pills; you follow exotic gurus in white silk and linen; you depend on the blessings of the Pope or other religious authorities; or you wait for Prince Charming or your Princess to take you out of the mess you are in. However, all this is not going to make you healthy or happy. It is you who makes the difference.

Even if help seems to come from outside, it is you who has to make the decision to let it in. It is you who has to change old habits. It is you who will go different ways and hold on to your new choices. So the first step to healing is to take responsibility for your life and to become aware of the inner mechanisms that constitute your life and personality, in order to be able to change them and create the life you wish to live. My seminars help you to do so.


Time To Be Yourself©

Coaching & Seminars on Self Awareness and Personal Growth

  1. Live Your Life
    Do you accept your life on earth, your body, your gender, and your sexual needs? Or do you rather restrict yourself because you feel guilty for the way you are and the things you do? This is to help you detect the reasons for your lack of self acceptance, and to show you ways to overcome them.
  2. Discover Your Power
    What does power mean to you at all? How do you deal with powerful people and with your own abilities? Do you feel powerless? Do you avoid being powerful because you are afraid of what you might do if you were mighty? This is to help you to find out about your power issues, and how to accept your own power, balance it, and let it shine without being abusive.
  3. Give Your Heart
    How do you express love in your relations? Are there mixed emotions, expectations, and difficult behaviour in your relationships? This is to help you to clear your emotions, your beliefs and your actions and reactions regarding yourself and others, if your relationships are not the way you want them to be, and to find a way how to openly accept yourself and others and to experience new types of relationships.
  4. Express Your Truth
    Who are you and how do you show who you are? Do you know yourself at all? This is to help you understand what influences your view of reality and of your self, what constitutes your beliefs, your needs, and your ways to express yourself and to communicate with others, and to help you overcome restrictive thinking and express what you feel and who you want to be.
  5. Find And Follow Your Vision
    Do you follow your own way, or do you prefer to life the life that others want you to live, in order to feel save? This is to help you to find the vision of your soul - who you want to be from the bottom of your heart, what you really want to do, and where you want to go, without being restricted by your ideas about what you should want, and by your fears, beliefs, and common social goals.

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